Story Defaults

Configure some general settings for content including sharing options, presentation settings and more. 

Navigate from Platform Configuration > Story > Story Defaults. 



  • Allow Sharing: When enabled allows content to be shared.
  • Allowed devices publicly available sharing options
  • Limit number of downloads per file: If enabled, admins indicate how many times the file may be downloaded. 
  • Expire links to files: Indicate how many days before the link will expire.
  • Default file share status: Determine a files sharing capabilities, optional, mandatory, or blocked.
  • Description sharing: If enabled, the files description will be shared. 
  • Set expiry time: 
  • Password protect:
  • Annotations:
  • Notifications: 
  • Location Constraints:
Presentation Settings
  • Allow broadcast: If enabled, presentation may be shared.
  • Allow slide reorder: If enabled, slides order within presentation may be altered.
  • Allow slide hiding: If enabled, a slides within the presentation may be hidden.