Who has Access to the Content I've Uploaded?
That's up to you! Once you've uploaded a piece of content to ClearSlide, you'll have full control over who can view or edit that content internally, and who can share that content externally. If someone on your team cannot find a piece ...
Can I Recover a Deleted Slide or Asset
No! Once you've deleted a single slide or an entire asset, the content has been permanently removed from ClearSlide. 
Is Rich Content Supported?
Yes! PowerPoint files are automatically converted to Rich Content when uploaded to ClearSlide.   Supported Rich Content for PowerPoint includes embedded hyperlinks, video & audio files, animated GIFs, animations and transitions. ClearSlid...
What are the File Size Limits?
ClearSlide supports the upload of files up to 1GB or documents up to 100 pages.  For audio & video files, ClearSlide supports files up to 2GB. 
How can I Add Custom Fonts to ClearSlide?
We'll do it for you! Please send your font files to and specify which styles of the font(s) you'd like us to add. For example, if you only use the bold style of your custom font, but your zip file contains the ital...
What File Types are Supported?
ClearSlide supports a variety of file types - please review the list below for all accepted file formats: PowerPoint PDF Images - JPG, PNG, GIF OpenOffice - ODP Keynote - *(ClearSlide does not support Keynote rich content and custom fonts) E...