Configuring your account settings on the device app

You can configure your account settings on the web application as well as on your device. The Settings page in your device allows you to customize your account vis-a-vis your Interest Areas, Notifications, Subscriptions, CRM Accounts, and more. Most of your account settings will be configured by your administrator, but this page allows you to further customize and personalise the hub to suit your needs and requirements. To access this page, navigate to Company > Me > .

You can configure the following setting options in this page:

Interest Areas

In the Interest Areas section, you can choose topic areas (groups) that interests you, and you think may produce content that will help you. The stories that are produced in your chosen areas will show up on your home page so that you can quickly access them. You can also choose to get notified when new stories are created in your interest areas.  


The notification settings allows you to choose how and when you would like to be notified for various actions on your content or the content to which you have subscribed. You can choose to receive notifications through an email or by a push notification on your device. To opt out of receiving emails or a push notifications, deselect the box and leave it empty. Note that push notifications are applicable only to iOS and Android users.

For more information, see Configuring the notification settings

Manage Subscriptions

In the Manage Subscriptions page, you can view all the channels and stories you have subscribed to. You can browse through the channels and stories, and unsubscribe from any of them. 

Share Private Activity Stream

This option allows you to decide if other users of the hub can view the activity items listed on your profile. All items logged on your activity is made public on your profile.

Manage Storage

This option allows you to control the amount of space that the hub can use. By default, bigtincan hub will use as much space as needed, assuming it is available on the device. To control the amount of space used by the hub, enable Limit Cache Size. You will then be able to specify the space that can be used.

Note:If you specify an amount which is less than the current value you will be warned that some files will be removed. These files will be downloaded again if you try to open the content.


This option allows you to sign in or out of your CRM account. Signing in to your CRM account will allow the hub to personalise the content recommendations for you based on your interactions in the CRM account and the hub. You may or may not see this option based on your administrator's configuration settings. 

Contact Support 

If you encounter any issues with the Bigtincan Hub, you can contact your support team using this section. Simply, enter a brief subject, platform on which you are using the hub, and describe your issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible.