Configuring the notification settings

Configuring the notification settings allows you to choose how and when you would like to be notified for various actions on your content or the content to which you have subscribed. 

You can choose to receive notifications through an email or by a push notification on your device. To opt out of receiving emails or a push notifications, deselect the box and leave it empty. Note that push notifications are applicable only to iOS and Android users.

To access this page on the web, navigate to  present at top-right side of the page and click Notifications

To access this page on the device, navigate to Me > Notifications. On the device, if you want to enable email notifications, tap on Email Notifications and enable the required options. 

My contentCommentsReceive a notification when users comment on your stories. 

SubscriptionsReceive a notification when users subscribe to your stories. 
Other's contentStories publishedReceive a notification when users create a new story in the channel that you are subscribed to. 

Stories editedReceive a notification when users edit a story that is present in the channel that you are subscribed to.

Annotations addedReceive a notification when users annotate files in stories that are present in the channel that you are subscribed to.
Subscriptions and FollowsActivity from subscriptions and followers

Receive notifications when there are updates to stories that you have subscribed to. Updates may include edits, annotations and comments. 

Receive notifications when users that you follow add, edit or comment on stories. 

CommentsNew comments (where I have commented) and repliesReceive notifications when users comment on stories that you have already commented. This includes replies to your comments. 
Chat and VideoAlertsReceive notifications for text or voice chat sessions between you and another user. 

Message previewReceive notifications when a chat message is previewed by users. 

Group chat alertsReceive notifications for group text or voice chat sessions. 

Group chat message previewReceive notifications when a group chat message is previewed by users. 

Call alertsReceive notifications when you get a video chat call. 

In-app soundsSelect this checkbox to enable in-app sounds for notifications and alerts for chat sessions.