Configuring the Content Bundle Defaults

The Content Bundle Defaults section allows you to set the defaults for the content present in the hub. You can set defaults related to General, Sharing, and Presentation settings of the content. Users can disable or change these settings when they publish the content. 

DeviceAllows the content to be shared via mobile devices.  
Share with Audit

Allows the sharing action to be shared with Audit Trails. 

If you select this checkbox

  • Specify the limit for the number of downloads. After this limit is reached, the content can no longer be downloaded. 
  • Specify the expiry limit of the content. After the expiry limit is reached, the content can no longer be downloaded.  
Default File Share Status 

Sets the default value for file availability when content is shared. 

  • Mandatory: Files are always included when content is shared. 
  • Optional: Users can decide if files are available when content is shared. 
  • Blocked: Files are never included when content is shared. 
Set Expiry TimeAllows the content to have an expiry time duration. 
Password ProtectEnables content to be password protected. 
AnnotationsAllows users to annotate the attached PDFs and images. 
NotificationsAllows users to receive notifications on their device.
Location ConstraintsAllows users to restrict their content to a particular geo location. 
Allow BroadcastAllows the broadcasting of content. 
Allow Slide ReorderAllows the slides in the content to be reordered. 
Allow Slide HidingAllows the slides in the content to be hidden.