ClearSlide New Look and Feel

ClearSlide’s User Interface has now been updated with a new modern look! The look and feel of ClearSlide have been revamped so it can fit with Bigtincan’s design. 

When you log into ClearSlide, you will see that the following areas have been updated:

  1. Top Navigation Menu
  2. Left Navigation Menu
  3. My ClearSlide page

My ClearSlide

  • Recent Content: All actions for favoriting, starting a meeting, composing an email, and creating a link with content are now easier to access. Simply click on the star icon to favorite content, or click on the ellipsis icon to Start a Meeting, Compose a Email, or Create a Link.

  • Recent Activity: Activities are differentiated by color (blue for meetings, purple for email, yellow for links) and can now be filtered. Click on the filter icon to choose Advanced Options to filter your activities.

  • You can now remove the "Get Started" section by clicking on the ‘X’ icon.

  • Your meeting info is now condensed to the meeting link and a button to copy all meeting info, with the option to show more for all dial-in info. Click on Show More to access the rest of the meeting options.

  • My Activities section now aligns with the color-coding that is found in the Recent Activity section.

Left-Hand Menu

  • Left-hand navigation is now streamlined with icons to take up less screen space, but the menu can be expanded to show names by clicking the arrow icon located at the bottom. The default view is the collapsed view.

  • When hovering over the icons within the menu, the name of the icon will appear.

  • When clicking on an icon within the menu, the new menu now appears and expands to the right side of the menu.

Site Header

  • The action menu has now moved to the top-right side of the page. Click on the plus icon to bring up the action menu.

  • The help icon is located next to the action menu.

  • The search bar now showcases a newly updated shape and design.