Building a Simple Course Tutorial

Pre Work

  • Log into the Zunos Admin console
  • Navigate to 'Drive' in Zunos
  • Create a Folder in the 'Live Content' section called: 'My First Course'


We now need to get some content into your 'My First Course' folder.

A couple of options if you have content:

Make sure all your content is set to 'Active'

Tip: if you don't have any content, add these three Ted Talks as Web Page Links to get started:

Want to be more creative? Go for a walk

The surprising habits of original thinkers

Play this word game to come up with original ideas

Build a Course

Next, let's build a course. 

  1. In the 'My First Course' folder, create a new Course found in the 'Add Content' menu.
  2. Add a title that works for you.
  3. Add a new module and name it.
  4. Click the Arrow on the module to expand out the Content Drog zone.
  5. Find the content or links you added to the 'My First Course' folder and drag from the 'Live Content' tree into the into the Module
  6. Check your settings, we're going to auto add to our users' 'To Do' list by checking the 'Add to Users "My Course" List' toggle.
  7. Make sure the Course is set to 'Active'.

There is a more detailed explanation of courses here: Creating courses in Zunos

Tip: if you leave the 'Add to Users "My Course" List' disabled then the user can search for it by clicking on the ' + Add Course' in their app.

Assigning to Learners

In Zunos once something is 'active' in Drive, everyone will have access by default. 

Tip: If you need to restrict access use the 'Groups & Teams' feature.

Check the 'Settings' section of your Course to find this option. You will need to setup a group and add your users to that group first. Users can be added to and removed from groups.

Creating Groups

Tip: Administrators of your Zunos accounts are not restricted by the Groups & Teams setting. An administrator will see all content regardless. 

Check the App

  • Log in to the iOSAndroid, and Web App
  • Go to the Courses section under 'Short Cuts'
  • Check out your new Course!

A quick guide to Courses in the app

Going more Advanced?

To take your Courses to the next level.
Consider adding to your modules

  • Quiz Knowledge Checks
  • Assignments and Workshop forms.
  • Making your modules and content sequential.