BTZ (Bigtincan Zunos) Video Coaching

The Exercises Module in Zunos Learning provides video coaching as a dynamic technique in ensuring your team fully understands whatever new material your organization releases. Video coaching exercises have a wide variety of potential applications like sales pitch to a customer, a safety demonstration, etc. This learning module encompasses duties assigned for every position within the company, including admins, group managers, and end user.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Workflow Process of Video Coaching

  • Explain how to create and administer exercises for video coaching

  • Understand what kind of reviews a user might receive on the video coaching assignment


Video Coaching Exercise

An assignment requiring a recorded video as the submission


The company Admin who may designate parameters of the exercise

Group Manager 

The Group Manager receives the exercise from Admins and assigns (requests)  the exercise to their group. The Manager can also be the one to review any responses.

End User

The members of the group who receive the exercise and submit their video response


A request for a video exercise following certain parameters set by the Admin

Video Coaching Workflow

 Video coaching is a dynamic process promoting a thorough understanding of new content within your organization. This process includes varying participation from Administrators, Group Managers, and End Users. 

  1. Administrators Create and Distribute the Exercise to the Group Managers

  2. Group Managers Distribute the Video Coaching Exercise with a request to submit a Video Response from their End Users. *Note: Administrators may send the assignment directly to users from the Admin Portal. See below for details. 

  3. End Users complete the assigned exercises and submit their responses 

  4. Group Managers receive and review submissions 

Create and Distribute a Video Coaching Assignment

Create the Exercise

  1. Navigate to the Zunos Admin Portal 

  2. Create an exercise. For more information on creating an Exercise see Add Assignment

*Note: Assign Groups/Smart Groups to the exercise in the “General” tab of the exercise’s Settings page. This grants access for the Groups’ Managers to assign the exercise.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         *Note: In your app, enable the "Manage Assignments" option granting the managers navigational access.

Distribute the Exercise 

Once ready, you may send your users the exercise. This may be accomplished by: 

An Administrator through the Admin Portal

  1. Navigate to the "Assignments" section in the Admin Portal 
  2. Select the "Send assignment" option highlighted above
  3. The following window will appear:
  4. Fill in the appropriate information. Select  to which users you wish to send the exercise . You can send to individuals, groups, or smart groups. 
  5. Select "Send" to finalize the Process

The Group Manager through the Manage Assignments area in the app

*Note: If an organization wants their managers to send and review exercises in the app, they should add a link to Manage Assignments in the navigation or as a link in a dashboard widget.

*Note: The app should be configured to show the exercise in either the assignment area, on a dashboard, or both.

For Group Managers to send the exercise they will:

  1. Navigate to the Bigtincan Zunos app
  2. Select the "Manage Assignments" option 
  3. Select the "Exercises" tab
  4. Select the Exercise you wish to distribute
  5. Select the "Send Request" option in top right corner 
  6. A window similar to the following will generate: 
  7. Fill in the appropriate information 
  8. Select "Send" finalize the process

*Note: Along with a notification, Users will also see the exercise available in the Assignments area of their app or on a dashboard.

Users May: 

  1. Submit an existing video 
  2. Submit a new one 

*Note: Upon submission, even before the manager reviews and approves, the exercise is labeled “Completed.” So they can see their submission in the “completed” tab.

Review and Feedback of Video Coaching Submissions

  1. Once submitted, the exercise appears in the "Submissions" tab of the Manage Assignments area 

  2. From the Submissions Tab, the Direct Manager can review the submission

1. Star

The Manager will provide a rating between 1-5 stars on a variety of performance criteria

2. Comment

The Manager may leave comments for specialized feedback unique to this particular submission by this particular user 

3. Objectives

This tab shows the purpose of the assignment so the Manager ensures the feedback is relevant to the assignment objective

4. Previous Submissions

This will show a previous submission if the user submitted more than one video for the exercise

  1. The user will get a notification once it's been graded, and can review the marks and comments from the manager by selecting the title in the notification, or by locating the particular assignment in the Completed tab.