Best Practice Guides for Dynamic Content Widget Use

Setting Up a Dynamic Content Widget

Best Practice

Move widget up or down by selecting the top bar. The cursor should change accordingly. While selecting the bar, drag the widget up or down and then let go to place. 

Best Practice

The image that will appear is taken from the icon or banner that was added to the objects themselves in Drive.  Any items without icons will display the system default image. 

For complete instructions, see Setting Up a Dynamic Content Widget.

Setting Content Rules

Best Practice

Dynamic widgets are designed to hide from a specific user if Administrators have set up rules and filters in such a way that no content “qualifies.” For example, if an administrator set up a district-specific one.

For complete instructions see Setting Content Rules

Setting Up Custom Filters

Best Practice

Ensure Advanced Dynamic Widget Filtering is enabled. See customer service representative.   

Best Practices

Many choices are non-exclusive.  Ex. In content types, an administrator could choose Achievements AND Courses; without this filter, they can only choose a single type.

Set a date range to limit what users can see at any one time. Since this is a dynamic widget, all dates are relative - so “this week” and “this month”.

Use Custom Fields (across multiple entity types) to filter by company-specific criteria. Ex. Create a field called “Priority” and then tag any item as “Sales Top Priority” and then only show the content with those values in the custom field. 

Filters are restrictive e.g. leaving Content Type blank will show All.

A Content Page is considered a media type.

For complete instructions see Setting Content Rules.