Best Practice Guides for Drive

Best Practices for Creating and Customizing Dashboards

Best PracticeEnsure your dashboard feature is enabled in the admin portal. If you don't see the dashboards tab in Settings, please contact Zunos Support to enable it. Your end users will also need to be on Zunos version 5.2 or higher on their iOS devices and or have version 1.1 or higher of Zunos on Android devices installed in order to see new dashboards.

Best Practice

You can clone your existing dashboard page if you want to build another one from scratch. To clone, select the dashboard page and click on the settings panel that appears on the right-hand side. Here you can clone or delete the page. A widget clone will appear below the original widget.

For a complete guide for Creating and Customizing Dashboards, see Create and Customize Dashboard

How to Manage Dashboards

Best Practice

Before building a dashboard, the Dashboard Feature must be enabled in the Zunos Admin Portal. Contact Zunos support if an administrator does not see the "Dashboards Tab" in Settings. 

For a complete guide on How to Manage Dashboards, see How to Manage Dashboards

Create and Edit Courses

Best Practice

Administrators can always add/remove a course asset at a later stage. 

For complete instructions on creating courses, see Create and Edit Courses

Manager Dashboard Set-Up Guide

Best PracticeThe group (G) or the smart group (SG) is the object that appears in the Manager Dashboard, the users within that G/SG formulate the data the Manager sees.

S/SGs will need to be set up to map to the appropriate structure, and may not be the same as the publishing G/SGs already established.

G/SGs have a field called ‘Managers’, adding a user to this field will show them that specific G/SG on the Manager Dashboard. The user does not have to be an Admin.

Adding users to the Managers field can only be performed in the G/SG itself.

Name is what the Manager will see in the app, the thumbnail is the icon that is shown for that G/SG.

For complete instructions on the Manager Dashboard, see Manager Dashboard Set-Up Guide.