AirWatch for iOS Admin Guide


This document explains mobile management-specific features of Bigtincan Hub with mobile management for iOS. It does not cover how to use Bigtincan Hub application. For this information, refer to the rest of

Mobile Management

Mobile management platform is intended to add additional features to Bigtincan Hub. The feature set and implementation details are specific to the mobile management vendor. This document does not explain features of the third party mobile management platforms while it only covers the integration details with Bigtincan Hub. 

AirWatch iOS Managed Device

AirWatch has implemented Apple’s open framework for application configuration. More information can be found on

Bigtincan Hub fully supports Apple’s AppConfig capabilities and through Airwatch’s support of this pseudo standard Bigtincan Hub can easily be configured to support your organizations configuration requirements.

AirWatch enables you to easily enroll your iOS device in AirWatch and get access to corporate resources.

Deployment / Installation

Step 1: Log into AirWatch

Log in to AirWatch

Step 2: Add Bigtincan app

Click on Edit under App Deployment - Public Application


Click on Add Application


Select the Platform, Choose the Source, Enter name (Bigtincan)


Select v5 version of Bigtincan Hub 


Configure Settings. Click on Assignment Tab, Choose “BigTinCan (BigTinCan)” from Assigned Smart Groups


Click on Deployment Tab. Put a check next to “Send Application Configuration” and enter any of the following information into “Application Configuration”

KeyValue typeDefault ValueDescription
sign_in_has_server_settings_uibooleantrueHides / shows server settings controls.
sign_in_has_try_demobooleantrueHides / shows ‘Try Demo’ button.
sign_in_typeinteger0Login type. sign_in_type values are presented below.
theme_colour_codestring#F26724The login screen theme colour. App theme colour will be taken from the configuration bundle after login.
Application Key binds app and specific Bigtincan Hub company. It can be generated in company details section of the web admin site.
Used for Corporate and Enterprise Single Sign On login type only.

Used for Corporate and Enterprise Single Sign On login type only, guarantees that the company identifier field is not editable.

Example 1:

Configuration Key: sign_in_server_url
Value Type: String
Configuration Value:

Example 2:

Use below values to setup the Company Identifier for use with Single Sign On:

Configuration Key: sign_in_server_url
Value Type: String
Configuration Value: bigtincan (company domain)


Sign_in_type values

2Corporate Sign In
3Enterprise Single Sign On

Step 3: Adding Additional Users

Click no Accounts - Add - Add User


Fill out all the required information and click on Save.


Step 4: Download the AirWatch Agent

Once a user account is created in AirWatch, an email is sent out to the user with a link/QR code to download the Agent to the device.


Step 5: Authenticate

Choose your method of authentication:


Step 6: User Credentials

Enter your credentials and click Next (top right corner)

Step 7: Enable Device Management

Click on “Redirect & Enable” in the bottom of this screen


Step 8: Install "Digital Workspace" Profile

Click on Install (top right corner) to get this profile installed on your device


Enter your passcode


Install Profile

../../Downloads/image-5.png       ../../Downloads/image-8.png     ../../Downloads/image-3.png

Finish Configuration


Open AirWatch Agent


Finish Authentication

Click on Done in the top right corner. AirWatch Agent has been successfully installed.