Advanced Search

Searching Content Hub just got better. To save you time and help you find your content even quicker, we’ve rolled out Advanced Search: 

  1. Filter before (or after!) you search.
  2. Find individual pages within your files.
  3. See your top results on a single, convenient one scrollable screen. 
  4. You can also add pages or files to Pitch Builder right from your results screen.

Search Filters

  1. Log into Content Hub ( or through your company provided URL)

  2. Select the Search option on either the Navigation Bar on the left of the screen or the on the Upper Right corner of the Screen. In each instance, the Search is represented by a magnifying glass. 

  1. Begin typing in the keyword(s) for the search in the textbox provided. For tips on searching see 

  2. Once the keyword(s) have been entered, a user can determine how specific/broad they wish to search by filling out any number of the customizable fillers.

  3. Directly to the left of the textbox, users can determine where they wish to search for those specific keywords (s) within:

    1. All Results

    2. Pages

    3. Files

    4. Content 

  4. Directly below the textbox, the remainder of the customizable filters may be employed: 



Display Results Matching

The Search Function will display text-based matches to the keyword(s) given in:

  • All, Title, Description, Content, Tags


The Search Results will display matches located in a specific Tab, Channel, or Story. 

Date Modified

Users may find the most relevant information based on the “Date Modified” filter. The Search Results will only display the matches from materials that have been modified during a given date range. Create the range by designating a





File Type 

The Content Hub supports a wide variety of text based files. Users may specify what file type to be included in the search results: 

  • PDF, Powerpoint, Video, Audio, Word, Excel, CSV, Zip, Image, RTF, TXT , Vcard, App, Ebook, Epub, Web, Form, Keynote, Numbers, Pages

File Size

Search Results will display matches based on a designated size: 

  • Any, 0–1MB, 1–5MB, 5–25MB, 25–100MB, 100MG–1GB, 1GB+

Search Results

Once the filters have been designated, select the “Search” Button, directly to the right of the textbox, and a Results Page, similar to the following, will automatically generate: 

Note: The matching results found within the document will be highlighted so user’s may quickly orient themselves in the Search Results relevance. 

1. Adjust Results to reflect: 

  1. All Results

  2. Pages 

  3. Files

  4. Content 

Note: Users can either browse the results by scrolling through the results window or select jump to the desired section by selecting one of the tabs listed above. 

  1. Filters:

    1. Adjust the previously designated filters by selecting the “Filters” option. 


  1. Sort By:

    1. Relevance

    2. Name

    3. Last Modified

This highly customizable Search Function helps in locating the most relevant content in the most efficient manner, saving you and your user’s valuable time. This highly customizable function may also be adjusted for a broader scope of information if you wish to browse and find all relevant information on the topic at hand. So whether you’re searching for specifics or hoping to learn more, the Content Hub’s Advanced Search Function will find you what you need.