Configure some of the basic and initial options of the Bigtincan Hub.

Home Screens

Customize the first screen that appears when users access the Bigtincan Hub on mobile platforms.


Configure authentication, DNS, JavaScript, and more settings to secure your company's account.

Configuration Bundles

Create configuration bundles to for v4 of the Hub.

CRM Integration

Learn why and how to integrate your company's CRM account with the Bigtincan Hub.

Custom Naming Convention

Learn how you can change the naming conventions of the structure and content in the Bigtincan Hub.


Manage all the content structure in a single page - Tabs, Channels, Groups and Users.


Create shortcuts of websites and assign them to user groups for quick access.

Custom Apps

Define Custom Applications that can connect to the Bigtincan Tenant.


Add new users, edit existing users, add users to groups, and more.


Gamification allows admins to set parameters around the Content IQ an Social IQ

Custom User Metadata

Create custom metadata to further describe users to meet business needs.


Configure the default settings, archival process and metadata settings of stories.


Customize the notification emails sent by the hub by way of custom templates and SMTP servers.


Configure the file upload settings and establish connections to cloud repositories.

Interest Areas

Create and assign areas so that users can view and interact with content that is tailor-made for them.

Custom Admin Roles

Set specific privileges for different administrator roles. This feature is not accessible to all by default, contact customer success representative for details.


Step by step how-to guides.