File Share Status Remains Blocked

If the file share status remains blocked after editing the file share status, this means that sharing has been turned OFF.


There are two locations where the file sharing can be turned off.

Follow the steps in order to confirm which setting has been turned off which will then allow you to change the share status of your file.


Global Sharing Defaults

Navigate to Platform Configuration -> Sharing (under Content heading).

If Allow Sharing has been UNTICKED then any stories with files created whilst this was off will not be able to be shared, hence the share status remains Blocked.


You will not be able to share a specific file until this option has been turned ON. Please consult with your team/administrators before turning this ON.

Turning Allow Sharing ON will affect:

  • All new stories created after, will have sharing turned on by default.
  • Stories created whilst Allow Sharing was OFF will need to be edited to allow sharing - see Story Options

If this option is or has been turned ON please follow the next steps in Story Options.


Story Options

If Allow Sharing is turned ON in the Platform Configuration. Follow these steps to allow sharing and then be able to change the share status:

  • Navigate to the story where the files are located and go to Edit.
  • Scroll down to Options
  • Tick Sharing
  • If you do not see Sharing then the Global Sharing defaults have not been turned ON

  • You can now edit the Share Status of the files.


Optional: Turn Off Global Sharing Defaults but Still Allow Sharing

If you wish to only allow sharing for a specific story you can follow these steps:

  1. Tick Allow Sharing in Platform Configuration
  2. Tick Sharing in the Story Options for the story/file
  3. After changes have been Published
  4. Untick Allow Sharing in the Platform Configuration

The sharing options will remain on any story with sharing ticked in the Story Options.

This process needs to be repeated every time you wish to share a specific story.

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