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Bigtincan for Microsoft Teams app allows you to search, share, preview Bigtincan content and receive notifications within Microsoft Teams. Sales reps can prepare for their meetings and then easily view and present content during the meeting using the Bigtincan app. The app works with Microsoft CoPilot as well for quick and easy access to your Bigtincan content.


Using the app chat powered by SearchAI, Sellers get immediate, expert answers to proprietary content, brand, and product questions. The best part? There’s no risk of “hallucinated” AI responses if the answer can’t be found in your content. SearchAI is part of Bigtincan's GenieAI™ technology. To know more about GenieAI™ , please visit Bigtincan GenieAI™.


This guide helps the Teams administrators to install and pins the Bigtincan app for the users and also make it available for use with Microsoft Copilot in Teams and elsewhere in M365 where Copilot plugins are supported.


Configuration & Rollout guidance for Microsoft 365 Administrators

This deployment guide is based upon Microsoft’s official documentation on app management and governance that can be accessed here.



  • An active Microsoft 365 Subscription
  • Access to a Microsoft 365 administrator account
  • Activated Microsoft Teams for your organization
  • An active Bigtincan subscription


App Assignment

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft Teams admin user account.

  1. Upon successful sign in, you would be able to access Microsoft Teams admin center. Proceed with next steps.
  2. Navigate to Manage apps (Teams apps -> Manage apps), and search for Bigtincan app.

  1. Make sure that the App status is shown as Unblocked. If it is listed as Blocked, then click on the app, and then unblock it.
  2. Now open the app and click on the Assignments tab. Click on the Assign app button. You have the option to assign it to every one or specific users or groups.

  1. Click on the permissions tab and review the permissions requested by the app. application to (a) review and grant org-wide admin consent to permissions to access data and (b) view resource-specific consent (RSC) permissions for the application.

Click on Permissions , then Review permissions to launch a new window with the requested permissions. Click Accept.

  1. Once the permissions have been granted, it should show as Admin consent granted.


Install and pin Bigtincan app for users

App installation and pinning can be done for the desired set of users by Microsoft Teams Administrators. Please follow the below steps for the installation and pinning, that allows for a smooth deployment and saves users any hassle of installation manually.

  1. Navigate to Setup policies (Teams apps -> Setup policies), and you can either choose an existing policy or create a new one.

  1. Open the policy of your choice. 
  2. Under the Installed apps sections, Click on Add apps, then search for the Bigtincan app and click on Add. This would now get the app installed for all users assigned to the current policy.

  1. Under the Pinned apps section, Click on the Add apps button, search for Bigtincan app and click on the Add button. You can now place the Bigtincan app in the order of your choice of the pinned apps, in both the app bar and the messaging extensions.

  1. Make sure that you have the users correctly assigned to the app setup policies for the changes to take effect for the users. 
  2. Note that the app setup policy changes can take up to a few hours or more for the changes to take effect, depending on the number of users.


Bigtincan plugin for Copilot

Admins can manage plugins for Copilot as apps in the Integrated apps section of the Microsoft 365 admin center. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft admin user account.

  1. Upon successful sign in, you would be able to access Microsoft admin center. Proceed with next steps.
  2. Navigate to Integrated apps (Settings -> Integrated apps), Click on Get apps, this would open up Microsoft App source. Search for Bigtincan and click on Get It now against the Bigtincan app.

  1. Click on the Get it now button on the confirmation screen.

  1. This should now bring up the app deployment page.

  1. You can select the users that you want the Bigtincan Copilot plugin to be available to. After the user selection, click on Next.

  1. Review the app permissions.

  1. Click on Accept Permissions. This would open up the consent screen, it might ask you to login. Click on Accept.

  1. It should now show as Permissions accepted. Click on Next.

  1. Click on Finish deployment.                                                                   
  2. Deployment can take a while to complete, depending on the number of users assigned. Click on Done.

  1. The Bigtincan Copilot plugin would now be available for the assigned users and the users should be able to see the Bigtincan app in the plugins app tray in CoPilot. The plugin should be enabled from the plugin app tray for Copilot to use the Bigtincan app for responding to user’s prompts.

  1. To make changes to the assigned users for the Bigtincan app, you can lookup the Bigtincan app on the Integrated apps page, open it and go to the Users tab to make changes.


Troubleshooting and support

For assistance or any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account manager at Bigtincan or you can also email Bigtincan support at

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