How to bulk upload users in Bigtincan Hub

Bulk User upload allows you to upload multiple users at once. This is a process your Customer Success team may assist administrators with.

Currently, bulk upload is being done in our legacy V4 user interface.

V4 may be accessed in various methods. If you access the Forms tab you will automatically see the V4 link. This can also be accessed at the top of the Platform configurations page.


Navigate to:

  1. Platform Configurations.
  2. Select Configuration Bundles.
  3. Select the V4 Web App option at the top of the page.
  4. Select the Gear Icon toward the bottom left of the page, titled Tenant Configuration.
  5. Select Manage Users.

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6. Go to All Users.


7, “Download either a sample CSV showing 10 of your users". This will give you an idea on how to format you user list.



8. Edit the Sample CSV file - Save As a new file name.

When editing CSV file ensure, no special characters or extra spaces are displayed in each field.


Note: If it’s a large number of users to import, break up the list into multiple files.

Select ‘Browse’ to upload CSV file.



To complete the form please enter the following fields:

Existing User:

Existing User - Update

Existing Groups - Overwrite or Append

Send Invitation Email:

This should be set to "No"

Default Language:

Select ‘English (US)’


Import- Set from CSV

Metadata Attributes:

Import- Set from CSV

Configuration Bundle:

Import- Set from CSV


Set  Here - Check All






Personal Reports:

Import- Set from CSV


Import- Set from CSV

Send Digest Email:

Import- Set from CSV


Import- Set from CSV


Note: If any errors occur, message will be displayed. Correct issues and repeat steps from the beginning.

Once completed, you may verify users have be added successfully by going to Platform Configuration >Groups > All Users.

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