Personalization of Brainshark Content

If the content author has enabled the personalization feature, you can customize this deck by
adding your own slides, such a cover slide with the customer name and date and a slide that contains your picture and contact information, while leaving the core presentation undisturbed.

When the author updates the  core presentation, changes automatically flow into your personalized presentation.


To allow other authors to personalize your presentation:

  1. Create your presentation as normal in Brainshark.
  2. In the presentations settings, go to Security and confirm both Require User ID and password to show presentation and Allow authors to copy this presentation are deselected.


3.  In the Options tab, click to

4. Click Save to save these changes.


To personalize a presentation:

1. Log in as another author who wants to personalize the presentation

2. Locate the presentation in the Content Portal and click the three dots menu, then choose Personalize Presentation.

3. Personalize the content as needed on the following page and click Save to finalize any changes.

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