2024 Brainshark Release Notes

Please find below all product release notes to the Brainshark platform in 2024. If you have any questions, please contact support@bigtincan.com. 


March 28th, 2024

Learning Authoring

  • Redesign of all existing enrollments workflows - Accessible from My C&C action menu

    • New Abilities include:

      • Scheduling enrollments for a future date

      • “Scheduled” toggle view for enrollments with the ability to edit or remove a scheduled enrollment

      • Remove student enrollments regardless of how they were enrolled

      • Enroll students and groups at the same time

      • Stop enrolling future members for group enrollments

      • Consistency across single/bulk actions (ex. Re-enroll groups in bulk)

      • Enrollment related settings now accessible from enrollments tab

      • Choose course session without leaving workflow

  • Course/curriculum creation and details redesign 

    • Ability to select from default/custom content types in a single selection

    • Course/curriculum details redesign - “Details” was relabeled “Overview”

    • New tab structure

    • Filters now elevated to course level - no need to go into “edit presentation”

    • Statistics moved to “Overview” tab-shows high level status for course/curriculums

    • Click to copy URLs - including for course sessions

    • Clear status indicators (active/inactive; expired messaging)

    • Modern authoring access to edit content, user can then access classic authoring

    • Ability to create/edit SCORM properties while conversion is in progress

    • Organize courses, add modules and set prerequisites dynamically

March 5th, 2024

Modern Authoring

February 29th, 2024

Modern Authoring

  • Language redirects
    • Migrating the Language part of Conditional Redirects from Classic, in anticipation of Translation. 
  •  Make a Copy
    • Adding the Copy feature from Content portal to the Overflow menu, in anticipation of Translation as you should duplicate your presentation before translating it.   


February 15th, 2024

Modern Authoring


Removed the Folder menu from Slides > Add File > Brainshark Slides and Slides > Replace > Brainshark Content, to make it behave more like Merge Content in Classic.

Updated Two slide properties tab layouts: Question and Attachments, to conform to the layout/workflows of Notes and Captions

Also fixed the ability to add a Link slide attachment on this tab and in the Assets modal


January 23rd, 2024

Modern Authoring

Improved Guestbook Lists

Guestbook lists have been expanded to support up to 10,000 characters. 

When creating a list you can paste in a long list, separating list items with semicolons. 

When a guest encounters a list in the Guestbook, if there are more than ten items in the list, the list becomes a searchable drop down.


January 11th, 2024


Additional permission restrictions 

In turning this property on, anyone who is not a CAdmin will only see their own user data. Meaning that group managers, learning authors, etc. should have no more permissions than regular users do. 

In the client properties, if you set a property 'admin-user-access-only' to "TRUE", that will make this behavior happen. 


January 10th, 2024


Improved Generate Audio

We have updated the “Generate audio from slide notes” feature in Modern Authoring with an improved UI, capabilities, and our improved "Modern" voice library. Learn more with this feature overview, which includes voice samples.

Adjustable Playback Speed

Presentation authors can now allow their viewers to adjust the playback speed, with some caveats. The option to allow this is applied per presentation to give authors control. Learn more with this feature overview that explains how to enable it and lets you try it out.



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