How to Use SCORM Files in Brainshark

There are two uses of SCORM in Brainshark:

Uploading SCORM Content

SCORM packages currently can only be uploaded in the Learning section of Brainshark.

If allowed by your company, courses can be created from a SCORM file while on the Create a Course page by selecting Imported Course from the Course type dropdown menu.

While creating SCORM courses in Brainshark Learning, please keep in mind: 

  • The SCORM file that is uploaded to Brainshark will contain all completion criteria. To update the completion criteria you will need to go back to the platform you created the SCORM package in
  • If you make updates to a SCORM package using a 3rd party platform, you may need to re-upload it to Brainshark
  • Reporting on 3rd party SCORM courses in Brainshark is limited
  • Brainshark supports SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, and AICC file types for upload

Downloading SCORM Packages

SCORM files cannot be uploaded in the Content tab. They can only be downloaded from an existing presentation to be used in an outside Learning Management System (LMS).

The Basic and Enhanced SCORM packages will provide a real-time connection to the Brainshark content so any updates made to the content will be reflected without having to download a new package for your LMS. Student status and score will also be shared with the LMS. In addition to updates sent in the Basic package, the Enhanced package will also share questions and responses. 

All Brainshark reports are available to run for presentations downloaded as SCORM. 


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