How do I request refund or cancellation of my ClearSlide subscription?

While Bigtincan Support does not have direct access to process cancellations or refunds please review the following based on how your ClearSlide subscription was created: 

If the account was set up through the self service portal

  • Inquiries for cancellations, refunds, and payments would need to be handled directly through our partner Cleverbridge. 
  • Note that the self service sign up for accounts has been sunset. 

To cancel self service accounts:

  1. Please navigate to the Cleverbridge website via the link below:
  2. Select Contact Support.
  3. Fill out the fields with as much information as possible.
    1. It's okay if you do not have your Your Order/Reference Number, that field is not required to submit the form.
  4. Select Cancel future Subscription Renewals
  5. Press Send after completing the web-form and you will receive communications or confirmation from Cleverbridge directly. 

To request a refund for self service accounts:


If the account was created through your organization

  • Inquiries for cancellations, refunds, and payments would need to be a direct discussion between your Administrator and Bigtincan's Account Team.
  • If you do not know your Administrator or Account Team's contact information, please contact with as many details as possible and Support can guide next steps.



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