Live Meetings

The Live Meetings page is where all meeting interactions occur. Users can start ad-hoc or scheduled meetings. When a live meeting is started the Host & Guests will be presented with the Join Meeting page where they can pre-configure their settings. Once they’re ready, they can join the meeting.


Join Meeting

The Join Meeting page is the landing page that all meeting attendees (internal and external, hosts and guests) will see. Here attendees can manage their settings, test audio/video, and join (or start as the host) the meeting when they are ready. From this area they are able to accomplish the following:

  • Enable/disable the camera & microphone
  • Manage settings (more info on settings in the Settings section)
  • Join Meeting


Camera Views

Meeting attendees can select between Gallery View & Speaker view.

  • Gallery View - attendees are displayed in a grid, and attendees with cameras enabled are prioritized in the list. Speakers are moved up to the front pages when they are actively speaking. Max of 16 attendees per page.
  • Speaker View - The active speaker is the main focus for the screen, all other attendees are in a list on the right-hand side of the screen.


Video & Audio

In the Video & Audio section you will be able to adjust the following: 

  • Enable or disable the camera.
  • Mute or unmute your microphone.
  • Host: Mute a single attendee - allows the host to mute a single attendee. Attendees can manually unmute themselves.
  • Host: Unmute a single attendee - allows the host to unmute a single attendee. Attendees can manually mute themselves.


Participants Menu

Currently only has functionality for the Meeting Hosts. This includes being able to view the following:

  • Host: Mute all - allows the host to move all user's microphones to Muted. Users will be able to manually unmute themselves.
  • Host: Unmute all - allows the host to move all user's microphones to Unmute. Users will be able to manually mute themselves.
  • Host: Allow screen share - allows guests to share their screen.
  • Count of total attendees


Time in Meeting

A timer that starts when the Meeting starts. This timer counts up from 0:00:00 informing all attendees how long the meeting has been running. The timer also changes colors to yellow for all attendees with 5 minutes remaining in a scheduled meeting as a reminder that the scheduled time is close to ending.



The Host can make any attendee (internal or external) a Co-host. Co-hosts have almost all the same permissions that Hosts have, except a Co-host can never change a Host to a Guest. Hosts can remove someone’s permission as a Co-host at any time during the Meeting.


More Options icon (...)

Contains additional meeting functionality in a sub Menu. This contains details about Meeting info, Settings, Cookie Preferences, and Notes.


Meeting Info

Contains basic information about the meeting and you are able to copy the Meeting Link so you can invite others to join the meeting.




Settings are where users control the input and output options for the Camera & Microphones, test their Camera & Microphone, and set the background options.



Users can select which camera (if they have multiple options) they will use for the meeting. The default option is typically their computer's built-in camera.



Users can select which microphone (if they have multiple options) they will use for the meeting. The default option is typically their computer's built-in microphone.

Available today

  • Select your microphone input device
  • Test your microphone levels
  • Enable to disable Voice Focus
    • Voice Focus is enabled by default


You are able to  select your speaker output device and test your speaker audio levels.



Users can choose between no background and a blurry background. Blurry backgrounds work for users with Safari 16 version (released Dec 2022). This feature will be unavailable for users with an older version of Safari.



You are able to capture rich text notes within the meeting. Notes will be logged to the CRM and the notes are only visible to the Host.


Screen Share

All attendees have the same screen share functionality (if the host allows guests to share). Attendees have the option to share their whole screen, a window, or a specific browser tab. (each browser may have a slightly different experience for this behavior).


File Share

The host can share published Content Hub files that are optional or mandatory. The supported file types are PPT, PDF, IMG, Video, Docs, XLS.



Ability to Chat with all attendees in the meeting, direct messaging to a specific guest is not included at this time. The meetings chat history will be available in the Meeting Details page.



An interactive whiteboard experience that integrates with Miro to provide a collaboration board. Users can take advantage of the Miro integration as non-licensed Miro users, but the experience is best with a free or paid Miro license.

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