Meetings Overview

Bigtincan Meetings is a no-download, browser-based video conferencing solution designed specifically for sellers that enables seamless content preparation, presenting, and tracking, as well as unprecedented visibility for sales managers.

There are 4 main pages in the current Meeting experience, and each of the below leads to a more detailed description of these areas:


Meeting Settings

Personal Preferences

The personal preferences page is where users can edit their personal meeting link & authenticate integrations into CRM & Calendar systems.


Personal Meeting Link

Each user is assigned a personal meeting link when they are given access to Bigtincan Meetings. The default personal link format is “”. If two or more users have matching names in the system a number will be appended to the end of their personal meeting link. Users will have the option to edit their personal meeting link.

Editing a Personal Meeting Link

Each personal meeting link must be unique within a Company Tenancy. When a user edits their personal meeting link they will see a validation message confirming whether the new link is unique. If the new link is not unique users will not be able to save the changes they’ve made to their personal meeting link.


CRM & Calendar Integration

Bigtincan Meetings integrates with Salesforce and Google Calendar so all of your meeting activities are accessible and logged to CRM records.

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Scheduled Meetings:

  • When you schedule a meeting in Bigtincan Meetings while integrated into your Google Calendar the meeting will automatically be added to your calendar.
  • Any guests that you invite to the meeting will receive a calendar invitation from Google including all of your Bigtincan Meeting details.



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