How to Use Genie Assistant

At Bigtincan, we have developed an AI assistant called Genie Assistant. The assistant's main purpose is to increase the efficiency of customer-facing teams that operate in the area of sales enablement, which includes but is not limited to, sales content management, sales coaching and training, document automation, internal search, and Q&A on internal customer inventory without allowing the information to be used for training of the LLM models.


The following guide will walk you through the basic steps to use Genie Assistant in less than 10 minutes.


1. Start Genie Assistant

  There are a couple of ways to start the Genie Assistant:

  1. Type the following URL in your browser: [tenant name], where the tenant name represents your instance name — for example, Upon doing so, you will be presented with a credentials screen.
  2. After filling in the credentials, you will be located on the main page for the Bigtincan platform.
  3. Click on the 9 dots menu icon and select the "For You" link.
  4. This takes you to the "For You" page.



2. Entry point - For You Page

  1. Genie Assistant's Starting Position on the For You page
    • The Assistant has two entry points on the landing page:
  2.  The first one is very obvious as it loads the Assistant "Ask me anything" interface.
  3. The second entry point is situated in the top right corner and appears as a small icon.
  4. Upon clicking, it opens a popup window, serving as the second entry point to the assistant.          

3. Select Knowledge Sources

It's important to note that you will be given the option to choose between two main sources of knowledge: Internal and External. We will delve into each one of them in detail shortly. By default, the Assistant is set to target only internal sources. However, you can choose "External" from the dropdown menu as well.



4. Start asking question

To start asking questions, simply type anything you are interested in to receive information back

Click the Generate button. 



5. Internal Source for Knowledge 

To gain a better understanding of internal sources of knowledge, consider all your asset inventory: files, audio, video, presentations, and more, being converted to plain text and readily accessible for immediate use.

  1. Data Security and Privacy 
    • When using internal sources, it's notable that as a user, you can only access sources within your permission level. Just because a document, for example, is in your inventory, doesn't automatically grant you access to retrieve it or acknowledge its existence. If you lack permissions, no results will be returned for that document, even if it exists.
  2. Confidential Data Access
    • One significant advantage of our Q&A system for your assets inventory is that it does not require external parties to access and train on your data. Our chosen vendor ensures strict confidentiality when processing your data.
  3. Real-Time Inventory Updates
    • When utilizing internal sources, any changes to the assets inventory targeted by the internal sources will be immediately accessible to you. This includes the addition, modification, or deletion of documents. Our system ensures that you have access to the most recent updates within seconds
  4. Result Presentation Formatting
    • Once the Assistant processes the results, they are presented in the following format:
    • At the top is a brief response to your query, referencing assets labeled as Document[x], where x ranges from 1 to 5.
    • Below, there are a maximum of 5 inventory asset items listed.
    • Each asset item is numbered from 1 to 5 for reference. - You can click on each number to reveal the corresponding source text that was utilized.


6. Leveraging External Knowledge Sources 

By configuring the target to access external knowledge, you gain access to advanced language models such as OpenAI ChatGPT. This empowers you to tap into your creativity and accomplish tasks more effectively in your daily responsibilities.  

  1. Data Security and Privacy 
    • When utilizing external sources, your inputs are handled by third-party models. However, the data is never employed for training those models, and it is automatically deleted after 30 days.
  2. Result Presentation Formatting
    • Once the Assistant processes the results, they are presented in the following format:   
    • As you can observe, there are no document references and the resulting response is presented in plain text.
    • One intriguing feature of the Genie Assistant is the ability to store both internal and external responses within the same thread. In the provided example, the external response was generated by switching from the internal to the external source and clicking the "regenerate" button.
    • The newly produced response is then stored as <2 of 2>, enabling easy navigation between responses using pagination arrows for movement.



7. Handy Functions

Genie Assistant offers handy functionalities, available with a simple click of a button. 

  1.  Regenerate button
    •  Although we covered already this function above, it is worth mentioning it again.
    • On button click the response will be Re-Generated with the correlated target of internal/external source. Keep in mind only the last request can be regenerated. 
  2.  Adjusting Response Tonality
    • To enhance user experience, we provide options for modifying the response tonality to better align with your expectations. Currently available features include:
    • Shorter Response: Opt for a more concise reply if the original was overly detailed.
    • Extended Response: Select this for more in-depth answers if the initial response was too brief.
    • Simplify Language: Ideal for making complex or academic language more accessible and relatable.
    • Casual Tone: Choose this to make the language less formal, and suitable for a more relaxed audience.
    • Professional Tone: In contrast to the casual option, this elevates the formality of the response for a professional context.
  3.  Copy Individual Response

You have the convenience of copying any specific thread by simply clicking the copy button.

  1.  Toggle Visibility of Document/Item Section
    • This feature is useful for concealing the document list that appears when referencing an internal source.

  1. Copy Entire Session
    • For comprehensive documentation, you can copy the entire session's content with the click of a button.




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