Modus + Integrations - Sync Modus with your Content Management System

Modus supports integration with any Content Management System by setting up Modus as a publishing destination (or endpoint).  Any files that are pushed to a specific location (details below) will be ingested by Modus and become available to put into your sales rep’s hands.  Changes made to those files are also synchronized, so you can be sure that reps always have the latest revisions of all content.

Before beginning configuration, please email us ( to obtain access for your CMS system to the upload location.  We will also let you know your Modus Prefix (used below), and provide any assistance you might need to get this configured properly.

Configure your CMS to upload a .json file to an S3 bucket externalsync with your Modus prefix.  The content will automatically update within seconds following the upload. A report will be sent to the email address specified in the .json file.  The .json file should have the following structure:
 "url": "",
 "link": false,
 "last_modified": "2017-01-01 00:00:00",
 "size": 918087,
 "id": "...",
 "title": "...",
 "language_id": "...",

If the file is not yet in Media Manager, it will be automatically uploaded to the inactive group Sync. At the end of each day, we will send out a summary of the syncing process that took place that day to the specified report_email_address.



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