Modus Virtual Product Tour - Optimal image sizes for Virtual Product Tour


It is recommended that a standard HD image is best displayed at 1920x1080 px. 
If the user is only planning on using a Virtual Product Tour on older devices, they can reduce quality to see better performance. 
In contrast, if the user wants to use the Virtual Product Tour on extremely large screens and laptops but does not plan to use it on small devices, the image sizes can be increased which will give better detail but may give up some performance which is why a user should start with HD and adjust as needed for quality and performance as they see how the Virtual Product Tour is being used.
Centerpiece filling screen
There isn’t a way to fill the screen completely with a centerpiece.  However, the user can make the centerpiece larger when published by going into the VPT and selecting Settings> More Settings and on the dialog pop-up, toggling Show/Hide Left Nav in Published VPT.
Then publish the VPT and the left navigation will disappear. 
The recommended size of the logo to add to the Virtual Product Tour is 1889×563 px.
If you have any issues with the logo upload, sizing, etc., please send an email to to get further assistance. 
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