Modus Lead Capture - De-Duplication Manager


To further enhance the Lead management system within Media Manager, we have added the ability to manage the duplicate leads that are captured. It allows you to merge information from several leads and condense it to one lead.

To begin, find the "Leads" tab in the left side menu and select the event you would like to view the leads from:


Your leads will show in a table:


To begin the process, select each Lead information tab that you would like to sort the duplicates by. The "Show Duplicates" button will engage, click this button to organize all duplicates in the leads list:


Once you are viewing the duplicate leads, you can click on the "De-Duplication" button. This will show a new window:


Select the fields by clicking on the grey tiles. The fields that you select will be the ones that are merged. Merging and Replacing will replace empty fields with information from the other leads. Merging and Deleting will merge the selected cell information and keep one lead with all the information:


If the first lead that shows does not need to be edited, press "Skip to Next". When you are finished merging the lead, click "Save and Next":


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