Modus Lead Capture - Using Lead Capture®


Turning on Lead Capture in the App:

To turn on Lead Capture on an iOS device, click on the Settings tab in the menu section of the app. Users will see a toggle that is turned off under Lead Capture. 


Switch the toggle to green to turn on. A window with a list of events will pop up and users will want to choose the event they would like to use:


When users choose an event, the password window will pop up. Enter the password that is assigned to the event.  If you do not know the password, contact your account administrator to find out what it is:



The toggle will remain green until the user completely log out of the app. If the user closes the app without logging out, he or she will remain inside the event when it opens again:


To use lead capture to scan business cards, users will see a tab named "Lead Capture", taking the place of "Follow Up". To begin, users may find several items that they would like to include in the follow up that they will be sending to the lead. Just like sending a follow up, the user will press the plus sign in the top right corner of the item and select "Add to Follow Up".

Users can click on "Lead Capture" and see the item in the folder, then click on the "Capture Lead" button in the top right corner:



 When users select "capture lead",  the lead form will appear if the event is set up for business card scanning. The camera will open when badge scanning is set up.  Depending on what type of badge (QR code, Business Card) you are scanning the appropriate camera will show. If scanning a business card, select the "Scan Business Card" button at the top of the form. 



The camera will open and the user will hold the camera over the Business Card. To capture the picture, press the large white circle button:


Once the badge or Business Card is scanned, the form will appear. It will fill in the fields that it captured from the badge and then the user will fill in the necessary information in the required fields. Click save when all fields are filled out: 


An email window will pop up for the follow up to be sent to the lead:


Users can view leads within the app by clicking on "View Leads" under the show in the settings:


Click on the name of the lead to access the lead form:


Users can edit the lead, scan a new image of the business card, view the existing image of the business card, and send additional information via followup. Please note that only Business Card images are saved with the leads and not badge images. You can send additional information via followup for badge scanned leads:


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