Modus Lead Capture - Setting Up Events for Lead Capture®


Lead Capture® is used to simultaneously showcase your product and get leads in trade show settings.

Before you configure Lead Capture for your show you need to know the following components:
- The dates of the event.
- The content you wish to present in Modus Communicate.
- Who will be using the app at the event.
- Will there be bar-codes or QR codes or business cards you want to scan for attendee contact information?
- Do you have time to do this or would you like us to help you? Click here to contact our Support Team! 

Find and Click on Events in the navigation bar on the left under Lead Capture.

To start setting up Lead Capture for a new event, click on Add Event:


You can then add the name of the event and create a password that can be used by users to access the event. You also have the option to encrypt the password by checking yes or no:creating_events_2.png

 You will also set the start and end dates for the event. These dates indicate when the event will be visible within the app. Note: These are not to be confused with the dates of the actual event. If you want to see the event in the app immediately, make sure you set the date to the current date.

Activate badge-scanning if you will be scanning badges to auto-populate the lead forms. If you choose this option you will be prompted to choose the badge type (QR, PDF417, 1D, Driver's License, Aztec, or DataMatrix). Keep this deactivated if you plan to manually enter information into the lead forms. Please contact us for assistance if this is your first time using this feature:


One thing to note about badge scanning: Business Card Scanning is now a default feature when using Lead Capture. Even if you do not turn Badge Scanning on, you will still have the ability to scan Business Cards. 

Lead Capture extras:

Consent message for lead data processing: We added this feature so that all lead retrieval was captured with consent according to the GDPR laws. Add in your legal message here for it to show in the app before you scan each lead.

Notes: This note section is for the editors of the event in Media Manager can communicate things that have been completed within the event or things that need to get done. Just write a note and anyone with editing access to the events will see it! 

Modus Connect: This is a feature of Lead Capture that helps in scheduling meetings while at a trade show. Read more about Modus Connect here!

Self Registration: Self-Registration gives the ability to the show workers and visitors to register themselves for raffles, giveaways, and marketing collateral with a self-service interface. Read more about Self Registration and how to set it up here:


The Follow Up Email Template at the bottom can be customized for a specific event or left empty. If you choose to leave it empty, the default email template in the Localization section of Media Manager will be used when contacting leads:




Note: You will need to include the code %1$s as a break somewhere in your follow-up email template to allow media to be linked in your follow-up email.

 When you have filled everything out, click Save & Exit to finish later or Next to continue to build the forms.


If you have activated badge-scanning, you will be automatically directed to the Add Administrators page. On this page you can search for users and invite them to be administrators. Administrators have the authority to toggle on the badge, add a code, etc. Type in the name of the user and click on it when it appears. If you'd like to delete a user as an admin, click on the black x next to their name.  When you are done, click next or Save & Exit to finish later.  

 Building Forms & Field Types/Options

 To format your form for your leads, you will need to enter the information that you would like. First Name, Last Name, Email address, etc. Click here to see proper form field formatting.

You will also need to choose the Field Type (Text Field, Text Area, Single-Select Options List, Multi-Select Options List, or Text Field with Options). You can indicate whether the field will be required to fill out or not. When you have finished filling this page out, click Save:



Depending on the Field Type that you choose, you may be prompted to an additional step. Text Field can be used for shorter text and is only one line. The Text Area, on the other hand, can be used for responses that require more lengthy, full paragraph text. Choosing Text Field or Text Area will automatically insert spaces for leads to type their information and will not require more information to be added.

Field Type Options:

Single-select Options List is used when the lead can choose one of the options listed

Multi-select Options List can be utilized when you want to allow people to select more than one option.

Text Field with Options means there will be a dropdown menu of options as well as a choice to type in an answer.

See below for an example on how to fill out Single - select and Multi - Select options lists:


Click save and you will be returned to the Event page.


*** There is the option to add a dependent field to an existing field. This field will provide the user the ability to add different options depending on which option is selected for the existing field (i.e. for country you can set up the dependent field of state. The state options change on which option is selected for country). To add a dependent field, click Dependent Field within the Add Options page and you will be directed to the Add Field page.

Final Step:

When you log into the app and want to start your event, you will want to click the "Map Badge" button first. All that you need to do is scan the badge and make sure the information is populated into the correct fields. 


Please ask us for assistance:

We know how important trade shows are for generating valuable sales leads for your organization. This feature was created to help you capture high quality leads as a part of a sales conversation using Modus Communicate. Setting up this feature for the first time can be daunting. This is why we encourage you to contact us for assistance in setting it up. Our Support Team can also provide a turn-key solution for you including setting up the feature, loading your content, renting iPads, exporting the leads, and on-site support during the show.

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