Modus Lead Capture FAQs


Where do I find the Modus Communicate app?You can search and download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store on your device.

Where do I get my login information? For logging into the app, you will receive credentials via an email from If you have not received it in your inbox, please do check your Spam folder or reach out to your app admin.

How do I turn on Lead Capture on my device?Once logged into the app, you will see a Settings button on the navigation bar.  Once on the Settings page, you can toggle on Lead Capture with the touch of the button.

Can I send Follow Up materials before a badge scan?You can certainly choose materials you would like to send first, add it to a Follow Up, and then scan their badge to send it.

What if my camera does not automatically open?In the device settings, in the section that lists the devices apps, find Modus Communicate.  From there you can allow the app to have access to the devices camera capabilities.

How do I scan a business card?Once Lead Capture is turned on in Settings, push into the Lead Capture tab on the navigation bar. Once that opens you can select “Scan Business Card” on the top portion of the form.

Can I view my previous leads on my device?  Go to the Settings page in the app and you will see a tab that says “View Leads” which is located near the bottom. If you would like more information regarding viewing leads in Media Manager, here is a link to that Knowledge Base article:


How do I know my leads have synced?In the same area as mentioned above -- Settings/View Leads -- you will see green checkmarks next to the leads that have synced/uploaded to Media Manager. If they do not have a check mark, they have not synced -- do not delete or they will be lost.

My Lead Capture toggle won’t turn on.  Trylogging out of the app and then closing it and logging back in.  If the device still doesn’t offer the toggle to turn on, delete and reinstall the app from the device.

Do I need wifi to use the Modus app?Once you have gone through the initial login and download of content, that content will be on the device and accessible without the use of wifi.  If you want to send a Follow Up email, you will need wifi or data in order to send.  As for Lead Capture, you can capture a lead without wifi or data -- however, this lead will not sync up to Media Manager until you connect to wifi or data.

Where is the ‘Check for Updates’ button?To check for updates, go to the Settings tab in the app and the Check for Updates button is the first button on the page.

Why can’t I send a Follow Up?Please make sure there is a native mail client set-up on the device itself.  The app does not have it’s own email capabilities, it calls to the email client that is set up on the device to send out the Follow Up -- this ensures that the email is sent from your email as opposed to Modus.

Where do I go to scan a badge?When you open the Lead Capture tab on the navigation bar in the app, the ‘Capture Lead’ button will be in the upper right.

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