Modus Communicate web application (legacy view) - Fast Group Switcher


Users will find the Fast Group Switcher at the top right of their screen. It is an icon with three stacked sheets of paper:  

 When a user taps on it, a pop-up box will appear with the groups that they have access to. Choose one group to load.  To load a different group to view, tap on the same stacked papers icon, and the list will re-appear for you to choose a group to click on.  The new group will load on your screen taking the place of the previously downloaded group:    

 Changing groups may also be done in the Setting page as well.  Click ‘Settings’ on the top Navigation bar, and then ‘Change Group’ and the same pop up of Group options will appear:

Please Note: Only the Groups that a User has been given access to in Media Manager will appear as options.

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