Modus Communicate Android app - Creating and Sending Follow Ups


Locate the media item that should be added to the Follow Up email.  Users will see a plus sign in the upper right corner that, when tapped, will give them the option to 'Add to Follow Up'. This will place the media in the Follow Up section.  Users will see a number badge added to the navigation bar:

Tap into the Follow Up section to open the folder and view the media that was chosen to be sent. When ready to send, tap 'Send' in the upper right corner:

A pop-up window will offer the device email application choices, and from there an email window will open with links to your assets.  

If you would like to choose multiple media items for sending, create a multi media Follow Up: Follow the steps above regarding how to add the media to the Follow Up folder. As you add assets, users will see the badge number tally increase:

Once you are ready to send, simply tap the Follow Up button to open the folder, tap 'Send' in the upper right and again follow the steps above for sending a single piece of media. 

If you want to send an entire Agenda as a Follow Up:  

Open your Agenda and tap the plus sign in the top right, then choose 'Add to Follow Up':

A pop up will open with options to confirm that users wish to add that content to Follow Up. When users tap "Continue", they will see the badge number on the Follow Up button change to the amount of items that have been added.  (Note: Share Agenda is a different function which users can learn about here: Sharing Agendas in iOS):

When ready to send, open the Follow Up folder and select "Send" in the upper right corner. Tap "Send" and your email application will open with the pieces of media inside.  

Add your recipient and tap send! 

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