Modus Communicate Android app - Creating Agendas - From the Agenda Tab

To watch a video of how this section of the app works, please scroll to the video provided at the bottom of this article. 

To create an agenda in the app, click on the "Agendas" tab. 

*depending on which android device you are using, this will appear in the sidebar menu or on the bottom of your screen. For this article, a Samsung Tablet was used.

Tap on the "+" in the top right corner, enter a title for your new agenda, then tap Add:

Your new agenda is now created. You can add media content to it at any time. When you find the media content to add tap the "+" sign on the image and select add to agenda:

Select the Agenda you want the media to be added to:


 To view the Agenda, tap the Agenda icon and choose the Agenda of your choice.  

Creating an Agenda for Android - How-To Video

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