Modus Communicate Windows app - Creating Agendas from the Agenda tab


To Create an Agenda via the Agenda tab:

Tap into the Agendas section of the app. In the upper right corner, tap the plus sign (+) for Create Agenda.  A pop up window will appear where users can name their new agenda and then push Add. The new Agenda has been created and from here users can add media to it: 


To create an Agenda via a media item: 

Tap the "+" sign on the image you would like to add, select Add to Agenda: 

Enter a title for your new agenda and push Create:


Your new agenda is now in the Agenda folder. 

To view your agenda, tap on the Agenda section (second on the sidebar menu) and select the agenda you have just created. Your new agenda will open up with the media that has been added. 

You can add media and content to it at any time.

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