Modus Communicate Windows app - Sending an Agenda as a Follow Up


To send an agenda as a follow up, select the agenda by tapping on the Agenda tab on the side navigation bar: 

Once your Agenda is open, you can tap on the ‘More’ button in the top right. A menu will show with an option for "Add all to Follow Up":


You will see a notification on the Follow Up tab on the side navigation bar. Click on the Follow Up tab to open.

When Follow Up opens, the content from your Agenda will be inside.  When you are ready to send, push the "Send Follow Up" button in the top right:


Your native email app will appear.  Add the address to the recipient as you normally would, and if you wish you can add an extra note. Press send when ready!

Note:If you would like to use Outlook, please make sure you have both the Outlook app on the device as well as the toggle on in Settings on the Modus Communicate Windows app.

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