Modus Communicate Windows app - Side Loading a Windows app to your device

Official Documentation from Microsoft (MSDN):

Step by step Guide (Windows 10)

  1. Unzip the provided file:
  2. Right click the file “Add-AppDevPackage.ps1” (Powershell script)

3. You might be asked to change your execution policy. If you are asked to change your execution policy enter “Y” when prompted.

     a. Note: that this may not be asked if your policy has been set before. If you are not            prompted disregard this step


4.Next you might be asked to “acquire a developer license” and “install a signed certificate”. When prompted hit the “enter” key. If you are not prompted for either skip to step 9.

    a. Note: again this may not be asked if they have been installed and acquired before. If not prompted disregard this step

5. A new window should pop up with a “security warning”. When prompted enter “r” (run once).

6. You will then be asked to enable developer mode on your machine. In the popup that appears click on the “settings for developers” link.


7. An update and security window will appear. In this window click on the “Developer mode” radio button. A popup may appear explaining the purpose and risks of developer mode. When prompted click “Yes”.

8. After developer mode is enabled you should be returned to powershell. If not, return to the powershell window with the “security warning” at the top.

9. The powershell window will ask you if you want to install a digital certificate. When prompted enter “Y”.


10. The App should start installing and you should see a progress bar.


11. Once the app finishes installing hit the “enter” key to exit powershell. The App is now installed and you can search for it via the search box on the task bar.



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