Modus Communicate iOS app - Guide to the Settings Page

From the screenshot below, you can see a typical view of the Settings page.  From here you can Check for Updates manually, and toggle on/off auto updates. 

By toggling updates "on" or "green", this will prompt the app to auto-update with new content upon launch or log in.  By toggling it off, or "gray", the user will need to push the "Check for Updates" button to receive new content.  

Under Current Content, this section shows what group you are currently viewing, and from the Switch Content button you can choose a different group to download if available:

The last three sections are more specific in terms of usage and availability.  Integrations, Language, and Lead Capture are more advanced functions that may not be available in all instances.  Please locate the individual articles devoted to these topics in the Modus Knowledge Base. 

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