Modus Communicate for iOS - How to use the Fast Group Switcher

In the top right corner of the home screen, next to the search icon, users will notice an icon with stacked squares.  This is the 'Fast Group Switcher'. When a user taps on it, a menu will open with all of their available Groups.  Users can choose an already downloaded group, or download a new group (noted by a cloud icon to it's right):

This feature allows users to switch between groups from the home page in addition to the Switch Content button located on the Settings page.

**Please note that when switching Groups via the Settings page, the content that has already been downloaded is noted by a red dot on the left and content currently being viewed is noted by a check mark to the right. All other content not marked is still available to download from the cloud. 

If users wish to purge a Group from the device, this can only be done on the Settings page by tapping the red dot next to the Group and then tapping Purge:


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