Modus Comunicate iOS app - How to use Microlearning

Microlearning for Modus Communicate

Available on Web, iOS, Android, and Windows

Microlearning for Modus Communicate organizes all your courses into an easily accessible dashboard to meet your training needs wherever you are. Engage with your team members by sharing videos of you putting your new knowledge to practice. See how you stack up against your peers through the achievements section and access all of your assigned courses in your To-Do List.

Accessing Microlearning

If Microlearning is activated for your account, a graduation cap will display in the top navigation within Modus Communicate, clicking on that icon will open Microlearning. You can switch between your To-Do list of courses and the Achievements leaderboard using the top navigation bar. Depending on the platform, you can exit Microlearning by using the Exit or “X” button to end your session.


User Profile

Making changes to your Modus Communicate profile has never been easier for app users. If you have yet to update your profile, you will see a circular icon with your initials listed in the upper right corner of Microlearning. Clicking on that icon will open your Modus Communicate User Profile. Along with your user information, you can see your current progress on all enrolled courses and all feedback that you have received.

Edit User Profile Information

Click on the pen and paper icon below your profile image to edit your user profile information. Editing this information will apply to all other locations within Modus Communicate using your profile. When you are finished updating your profile, click save to commit changes. If you do not wish to save your changes, use the “Close” button on your profile’s top navigation bar.


Your To-Do list

Upon opening Microlearning your To-Do list displays all currently enrolled courses for your user account, including courses you have already completed. Use the course list options shown in the dropdown beneath the personalized greeting to filter the list of courses. 


Course Lists

Choosing any of the three options will filter or sort your courses based on the selected criteria. 

  • In Progress -- displays enrolled courses you have started above courses yet to be opened. Courses in progress display least to most percent complete
  • All Courses -- Every course currently published in Microlearning which you have been enrolled in. Displays your completed courses first, followed by all courses in progress, then courses not yet started
  • Completed -- Will filter out all incomplete courses and only display completed courses

Recent Feedback

Recent feedback will compile all feedback received from your user video responses submitted as part of any lesson with quiz-type cards you have completed. Feedback opens within your app and once you have reviewed it, feedback can either be deleted or marked as read/unread for accessing later. If your feedback list starts getting long, you can sort the list using the dropdown options available beneath the header - sort by Most Recent, Reviewer Name, or Course Name.

Reviewing Feedback


Opening any feedback you have received from a course instructor or peers within your company offers you the opportunity to review the video you submitted for feedback alongside the scoring and written feedback your peer or manager gave the attempt. Scores from 1-10 are used to estimate the enthusiasm, knowledge, and confidence shown in the video along with an open space for your reviewer to provide you with their candid feedback.

Providing feedback


From time to time, you may be asked for your feedback by a team member. Should you receive one of these requests, it will be sent via email. Clicking on the link in the email will open a web page that looks similar to the in-app pop-up for reviewing feedback submitted for your video responses. Use the click and drag function to rate your peer’s level of confidence, knowledge, and enthusiasm, add your written feedback in the notes section, and include your name in the following field. Once your feedback is submitted it will appear in the person’s app who initially submitted the video response.

Featured Videos

User-submitted video responses may be approved by your organization’s Microlearning administrator to appear in the Featured Video section of your Microlearning To-Do list. Videos listed in this section are displayed to all Modus Communicate Microlearning users in your organization.



As you complete courses, the quiz scores you achieve will add up. Those who have achieved the most points from answering quiz questions correctly will appear on the Achievement Leaderboard, displayed in the Achievements tab of Microlearning. Climb the leaderboard by answering your quiz questions correctly!


Taking a Course

Beginning a course is as simple as clicking on the Start button displayed on any course listing in the To-Do section of Microlearning. If you are revisiting a previously opened course, clicking on the Resume button will also open the course.


Course Overview

Most Microlearning courses include a series of lessons, though courses are only required to have one. It is likely you will be enrolled in courses with both content and quiz-type lessons. In order to properly complete a course, all content lessons must be completed and quiz scores must achieve the threshold level score or better. You are allowed to review content lessons and retake quizzes, though only your initial score will count towards your accumulated points displayed in the achievements tab. Opening a course from the To-Do section of Microlearning will provide you with a course description and listing of course lessons. 

Assigned Courses

Courses which are assigned to you but have yet to be started will show a “Start” button in the main course tile and display the amount of lessons included above the course progress bar, which will appear empty. Once you have opened a lesson within a course the “Start” button will change to “Resume” and the course will sort to the top portion of your “In Progress” and “All Courses” lists. 

In-Progress Courses

Once you open any lesson the related course is considered “In Progress”. The red “Resume” button indicates that a course has been started. You can check your progress at any time by referring to course progress indicators. Progress is displayed in two places: inline as a progress bar on all course listings in your To-Do list or in the upper-right corner of an open course. The indicator tracks lessons fully completed. In Progress courses are sorted to the top of the “In Progress” course list. All In Progress courses are sorted alphabetically within each course listing.
Note: If a new version of a course is published by the author, your progress may be reset.

Completed Courses

Completed courses will appear in a darkly-shaded state on both the All Courses and Completed lists within the To-Do section of Microlearning. Completed courses can be reviewed without running the risk of resetting your progress, but if you plan to retake a completed quiz-type lesson, make sure you “continue” through to the quiz without resetting the quiz progress.



Lessons are the core components of any course. Before opening a course for the first time, you can see the total amount of lessons by looking at the fraction shown above the progress indicator within each course listing. Opening any course will display a list of lessons. Completing a course requires the completion of all lessons within that course. Lesson content is delivered in the form of cards. You can progress through cards at your own pace. Advance forward using the navigation arrow at the bottom of each card. Scroll up and down to review previous cards. You can exit a lesson at any time with your progress saved by clicking on the “X” in the lesson title bar.

Note: For lessons with quiz cards you cannot navigate back to retake an already submitted quiz card. You must complete the lesson and then you can elect to retake the quiz.

Lesson cards

There are two types of lesson cards used by course authors to design the courses assigned to you. Content cards are informational in nature, supplying you with the knowledge you need to effectively complete the other type of cards, quiz cards. There may be complete lessons of just content or quiz cards. Your course authors may also build hybrid lessons which incorporate both lesson and quiz cards together. 

Submitting a User Video Response (Quiz card)


Your microlearning lessons may contain video response cards to test your knowledge in a more interactive way. You will be provided with a prompt on this card which should be used to formulate your video response. You can choose to upload a previously recorded video or record yourself on the spot. If you are unsatisfied with your video response, you can choose to retake the video prior to submitting it for feedback.


Once you have successfully captured your video, you can choose who to share the video with. You can decide this video should only be shared with a peer, as you would in the event this exercise is meant for practicing with your teammates. In other circumstances, you may be required to submit your video to the course instructor. 

Note: To submit video responses in Microlearning, you must allow Modus Communicate access to your video and microphone. Please consult your device’s operating system (OS) settings for further information.

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