Modus Communicate iOS app - Presentation Builder

Presentation Builder is a tool within the app that allows sales reps to create custom slides to personalize their sales presentations.

To start Presentation Builder, tap on Agendas button in the bottom navigation bar, then create a new agenda or choose an existing agenda. (Click here to learn how to Create an Agenda). Tap the “Add Slide” button:

You will be given six different templates to choose from (including the option to start with a blank page.) These templates can serve as titles, additional content, or contact information:


Below the template options, you are able to see the thumbnails of slides that you have already created. These can also serve as templates for a new slide:

Once you have chosen a slide, you will be brought to a grid displaying the template. “Settings” in the lower left corner allows you to toggle on/off block snapping and grid lines. 

Block snapping helps to keep elements (text boxes, images, shapes, etc.) lined up or centered with one another as well as on the grid.

Grid lines can also be used as guidelines for aligning and centering. Elements outside of the grid in edit mode won’t be visible when presenting the slide. Tapping on elements in the grid selects them, allowing you to edit, tapping outside of the grid deselects them:


Also included in the options bar is the undo and redo icons. If the icon is grayed out that means that there is nothing more to undo/re-do. Note: There are unlimited undos and re-dos:


The orange action button allows you to add or edit each element. If there is no element selected, the button is “Add.” Tapping on “Add” will display the options to add a background color, text box, image, shape or background image:

Choosing an element will prompt a carousel of available settings for that specific element. For example, choosing to add a shape will bring up a carousel with various shapes to choose from:


If you have an element selected within the grid or template, the action button becomes “Edit” and gives you options to edit the appearance or contents of that element.  Make sure to save your work by using the “Save” button on the lower right:


Background Color
As previously mentioned, when you select background color, a color carousel appears on the bottom displaying a collection of colors. Colors are generated based on the theme color that you set in Media Manager:

Text Box Settings
When you add a text box, you can edit by double-tapping in the box and typing what you would like it to say:

When selected, the text box will be outlined in blue. To resize tap and drag any of the light blue circles on either side of the text box. Moving the orange rotation circle below the text box allows you to angle it different. Tapping outside of the text box will deselect it.

With a text box selected a dark blue edit button will appear at the bottom. This will allow you to change the color, text size, text align, text style, and bullet style.

You are also able to arrange the layers (bring to front or move to back). To recreate the text box tap “duplicate":



Image Settings
When you create an image block, you have the option to choose between stock photos or media items from the specific group you are in (these images come straight from Media Manager and can be changed there):



The selected image is automatically placed in the center to resize or rotate. You can then double tap or hit the “Edit” button at the bottom to access the editable properties of the image.

Image mode changes the way the photo is scaled:

  • Fit: Scales the image to fit into the box while still maintaining proper ratios.When the image doesn’t have the same dimension as the box, empty areas are filled with the background-color.
  • Fill: The image is scaled as large as possible without squishing it. If the image and the box have different dimensions, the image is then clipped.
  • Repeat: Image is repeated within the box


  • By default, the opacity is set to 10, which means that it is completely opaque. Decreasing the number will cause the image to become more transparent, with 0 being completely transparent:


  • To change the appearance of an image, a filter can be applied. Filters alter shades, colors, and tones:



  • Rounded corners
  • Circle
  • Square



  • When you tap on the Shapes feature, a square automatically shows up in the canvas and presents you with a carousel of different shapes to choose from. Shapes can be resized and rotated.
  • Edit brings you to shape/color/opacity:

Background image:

  • Tapping on this will bring up a collection of background images to choose from.
  • Note: You cannot have both a background image and color:

  • Once you save a slide you can view it in the agenda.
  • To make changes to the slide, tap edit while viewing it in presentation mode:

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