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Media Manager - Managing Web Bundles

A web bundle is a custom app within an app. Web bundles are a great way to tailor the Modus Communicate app to your specific business needs. Product configurators, 360 image rotators and dynamic cost calculators are examples of what customers are currently using.

Modus supports both html and zip file formats. Most web bundles use the zip file structure. The custom app (web bundle) files will be fully contained within the zip file that is uploaded to Media Manager. Modus will look for the top tier index.html file to run on the mobile device.

The link below also provides some native functionality information on how Modus can work together with an external bundle:

A custom web bundle can be easily tested: If you can run your product on a web server and it renders nicely on the iPad or iPhone from the browser, once it’s zipped and loaded to Media Manager, it should work the same.

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