Media Manager - Managing Offline Content and Download As You Go

When end users initially download the Modus Sales Enablement App, the downloading process may take some time if the size of a content group is particularly large. There is an easy way to make this downloading process shorter, and a couple ways you can go about managing it. 

The first thing users will want to distinguish is whether an asset may be necessary to use offline. For assets commonly used in situations where there may be no internet connection, users will want to consider downloading the assets.  Let’s review a couple of ways to manage the extent of download time when getting started in the Modus Sales Enablement app. 

The first option would be to navigate to an asset through either the Asset Library or the Manage Structure area: 

With the asset, users can then go to advanced settings and toggle “offline availability” off. The asset will no longer be available offline, or downloadable on the mobile app and will now be considered streaming only.  This will save space on end users’ devices. Don’t forget to click “Save” afterward in the bottom right corner:

The second option would be to navigate to the administration tab under settings. Toward the bottom of the screen, users will find a menu item titled “User Download Options for Mobile Content”.

Users may turn off the “download all content” toggle (so the toggle is gray) and turn on the “download as you go” toggle (so the toggle is blue). This will now allow your users to download specific assets of their choice in the mobile app rather than prompt the app to download all assets upon login: 

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