End-User Experience - Creating and Managing Presentations

Presentation Builder is a tool within Modus that allows users to mix-and-match individual pages of different assets into one presentation. This can be presented on a call and/or sent as a single asset in a Digital Sales Room. 

How to create presentations in Modus using Presentation Builder:

Step 1: Put assets in your Basket or into a Collection. Functionality to create a presentation will originate from these two places.

Step 2: Use the three-dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen to select “Create Presentation”:

Step 3: Create your presentation. Supported file types are: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, ppt, pptx, xlsx:

Step 4: Delete and re-arrange individual slides as needed. Click “Continue” in the upper right corner when you’re done:

Step 5: Title your presentation and click the blue “Create Presentation” button:


Step 6: The basket will now contain this presentation, along with two videos that were not able to be included because their file types are not supported:


Step 7: From here, we can present this deck as we would any other asset in Modus. It can be shared and will appear the same as any other asset in a Digital Sales Room: 


Step 8: All presentations created with Presentation Builder can be accessed by tapping on the user profile in the upper right hand corner of the web application.  Tapping on “My Presentations” will bring the user to all presentations they have created within the application, which can then be added to future collections and/or Digital Sales Rooms.  Tap on My Presentations:  

Step 9: And then Users will see their list of presentations: 

Presentations can be edited or deleted from this screen. If users would like to create a new presentation using this one as a base, add the presentation to the basket and add any additional assets to go through the presentation creation process again:

Best Practices:

  • Remember that only PDFs, PPTs, spreadsheets, documents, and image files can be used to create a presentation. Any unapproved file types will remain in your basket as additional assets.
  • Delete customized presentations from the “My Presentations” section when they are no longer needed.
  • Re-arrange presentations in the “My Presentations” section to keep your most used at the top.
  • Favorite presentations like you would any other asset, to appear in your “My Favorites” section.
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