End-User Experience - Add to Basket

Adding assets to a basket is a similar process as adding items to a cart when you’re shopping online. You can select one asset or multiple assets and create actions for all of the items in that basket at the same time.  This is similar to creating a collection, but is used for more of a transactional or 1:1 interaction.

To take advantage of the features that the basket can offer, you need to begin by adding assets to your basket.  To do that, you’ll need to navigate to the assets that you want to add and click the menu icon (the three dots) below the asset:

You will select the “Add to Basket” option of the selections provided. Once you have selected that option, a notification will appear at the top of your screen to assure you that you have added the asset to your basket.  You will also notice a notification alert over your basket in the top right corner:

You do not need to add additional items to your basket, but you do have the option to continue adding assets to the basket to complete an action for multiple assets:

Once you have added all of your assets to a basket, you will want to navigate to your basket to take further action.  Click on the basket icon in the top right corner of your screen:

Once you have navigated to your basket, you will see the assets that you have added waiting for further action.  As a next step, you will need to click the menu icon (again, the three dots) which will provide you with more options you can take from there:

You have the ability to create a presentation (access to this feature is an account add-on), add to a collection, or share all of the assets via a Digital Sales Room.

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