End-User Experience - Asset Action Menu

Asset actions allows users to add their content to a Basket, a Collection, or send as a Digital Sales Room from the Modus: Sales Enablement app. There are two ways to access asset actions.  

The first way is by hovering over the thumbnail, tapping on the ellipsis, and reviewing the  actions offered here. A quick list of most used options available through this method are: “Share Now”, “Add to Basket”, “Add to Collection”, and “Download”:


The second way is by tapping into the asset, then tapping the ellipsis in the upper right, and reviewing actions from the list. It is important to note that there are more actions available when tapping into an asset than hovering over the thumbnail. The options available through this option are “Share Now”, “Add to Basket”, “Add to Collection”, “Download”, “View Info”, “Add to Favorites”, “Print…”, and “Fullscreen”:

The first action to note is the “Share Now” action. This creates a Digital Sales Room using only the asset the user has selected.  By tapping into the asset, it creates a preview just as it would when sharing from the Basket or Collections, and users are able to share via the default email client established on the device:

The next action is the “Add to Basket” feature.  By selecting this option, users will be  able to add the asset to their basket. A number badge populates in the upper right corner of the basket icon. It is important to note that users are also able to remove assets from baskets as well by tapping the “X” located in the red circle in the upper right hand corner of the thumbnail:

The next action is the “Add to Collection” option. With this feature, users may choose whether they want to add the asset to an already made collection, or create a new collection by clicking on the desired option from the Collection List:

Assets also support a download feature. This gives users the ability to download the asset to whatever device is being used; this feature also allows users to access and open files in their native application (PowerPoint, PDF etc.) for optimized viewing. This can also be a benefit if you need to access assets offline on your device if internet access is not available: 

Tapping into the “View Info” section provides users with the ability to see the title of the asset, the file type, and the last time it was updated, along with associated tags that are used to search for it in the app:

When adding an asset to “Favorites”, users will see it reflected in the “Favorites” ribbon on the homepage of the app:

The app also supports printing.  If users are connected to a local printer, this action can come in handy in the event a user needs a hard copy of the asset: 

The final action is the fullscreen action; tapping on the asset thumbnail will open a window where users may preview the entire document in fullscreen:  

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