End-User Experience - How to Manage and Customize Digital Sales Rooms


An archive of all Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) you’ve sent can be managed in Modus. Each user will have their own archive, where they can access their DSRs, add or edit the content within them, or de-activate the room.

The Digital Sales Room Archive can be accessed in the upper righthand corner of the Modus platform:


This archive will include a list of all active DSRs whose titles will default to “your conversation with [recipient].":


To edit the contents of a DSR, including the title, click on any of the items on the list. This will bring up an editable view of each Digital Sales Room, including activity data.


Clicking the “+” in the gray box on the left-hand side of the screen will allow users the ability to add additional content. They can choose from content that lives in Modus, content that lives on their device, or links on the web:


Assets can be removed or re-arranged within the DSR by clicking the “Edit Content” button in the upper right:

The “Edit Content” feature will allow creators of the Digital Sales Room to edit the title in the upper left by clicking on the pencil icon:


Users can then edit the DSR title and click the check mark to save the change. Be sure to click the “Publish” button after that. (These steps can be taken if users are provisioned to change logos in their DSRs.):

The new title will then appear in the Digital Sales Room Archive:


To de-activate a Digital Sales Room (for example, in the case of a lost opportunity), click on the green “Active” toggle to change to “Inactive.”:


This will move it to a section for inactive DSRs. If needed, it can be toggled back to “Active.” Users can switch between the two in the upper left:


Best Practices:

  • Mark DSRs that are no longer needed as “Inactive” to periodically clear your DSR Archive.
  • Change the title of DSRs after they’re sent in the DSR Archive.
  • Use and instruct recipients to use the “Invite” feature of the DSR (rather than forwarding the initial email) so that individual members can be better tracked for analytics.
  • Upload personalized assets (e.g. proposals) to Digital Sales Rooms for engagement notifications.
  • Use the “Comments” feature to communicate with members of the DSR.
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