End-User Experience - Creating Collections

Collections are groupings of assets that are tailored to a specific customer or buyer which can be sent from the app as a Digital Sales Room.  Collections can be created in-app by end-users or created and promoted by administrators.

Navigate to the menu at the top of the home page of the to find the Collections tab:

From here users are able to see sections for My Collections and Promoted Collections.  Let’s start by reviewing the My Collections tab:

My Collections are created by end-users, and local to their own profile.  If no collection has been created, users will see the message below. This will prompt users to create their first collection by tapping on the “Create your first collection now” link:

Another way to create a collection is by finding an asset and adding it to a collection through the asset actions menu.  Click on the action ellipsis and select the option to “Add to Collection”:  

From here you will be brought to the Collection List. Users have the ability to add the asset to a current collection or create a new collection.  To create a new collection, select “Create Collection” with the + sign to the left, and then select “Done” in the lower right corner:

From here, type in the name of the collection, and add a description if necessary. When finished, tap “Create Collection” and the collection has now been made. Users may navigate to assets and add them to the newly made collection from the Collection List:

The new collection now appears in “My Collections” for future use: 

Another way to create a Collection is to add all assets to the Basket, and create a Collection from the available actions therein.  To do so, add your desired assets to the basket by selecting the asset action “Add to Basket”:

After adding all assets necessary to the basket, create a new Collection with the assets in the Basket. The same steps apply at this point as creating a Collection from a single asset:

Note that when users navigate to a collection, there is also a “Share Now” option on the action menu. This allows them to create a Digital Sales Room directly from the Collection:

Clicking into a collection, note that users are able to edit and delete assets as well by hovering over them and clicking the red “X”:

Now to circle back to Promoted Collections; these will be created by the account administrator  to promote content, and sent to the app from the content management system. Think of them as collections made to keep end-users up on current topics. These collection types cannot be created or edited by end-users: 

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