End-User Experience - Using Search

The Search Function is a way for your end users to navigate to specific folders/assets by utilizing a keyword search.  The user can then filter the remaining assets by utilizing pre-applied filter options that are set up in Media Manager.

To utilize the search function, navigate to the magnifying glass in the top middle of your screen on the user experience side of Modus:

The next step is to enter your keyword to begin filtering assets. You will notice asset recommendations will begin to populate as you search for your specific asset:

After you have entered your keyword, a list of assets will appear with filtering options provided on the left hand side.  From this stage, you can apply additional filters or scroll through the provided assets to find what you are looking for:

Once you have found the asset you are looking for, you can utilize the three dot dropdown to take next steps with the asset you’ve found.  You can share the asset, add it to a basket or collection, and/or download the asset.  You can also add multiple assets to a basket, collection, or followup by clicking on the circle in the top left corner of the asset itself.

If you have additional questions on the search function or want to formulate a strategy to take better advantage of the search feature, please contact your Senior Customer Success Manager to help set it up.

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