End-User Experience - Using Share Templates

Modus allows for end-users to choose from a variety of email templates when sharing content to buyers or customers. This is set up by their Administrators in Media Manager, and specific templates can be assigned to specific assets or groups.  As a result, end users can have a variety of templates to choose from. 

To choose a template, first add the desired assets to your basket by choosing “Add to Basket” from the three dot menu on the asset listing:

Once you have all desired assets in your basket, tap the menu in the upper right corner, denoted by the three dots, and tap “Share Now”:

This will open a modal where users can see a list view of possible email templates on the left, and the one that is highlighted, is shown in full text on the right. Tap each Message Preview to review the templates offered.  Once the template is chosen, tap the blue “Share via Email” button in the lower right of the window:


The default email client will appear with the template surfaced in the email body. Add your recipients email addresses to the email and make any edits or additions to it before sending. 


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