End-User Experience - How to Create a Digital Sales Room

What is a Digital Sales Room?

Sending assets via the Modus platform will generate a Digital Sales Room (DSR), which is a landing page with links to the assets a user has shared, along with a place for comments and contact information. The link to the DSR is shared via email.

Any activity in a DSR generates a real-time notification via email to whomever created the Digital Sales Room. For example, a seller will be notified when a buyer opens a piece of content or makes a comment.

How to Create a Digital Sales Room:

Once the assets the DSR creator wishes to send have been aggregated in the Basket, navigating to the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will allow users to “Share Now.”

From there, a pop-up will provide a preview of the email text. If you have multiple Share Templates available, you can select which email template you’d like to use here.

Clicking “Share via Email” will open the default email client on your device with information pre-populated. The links next to each asset will navigate the email recipient to the DSR:

Once the email is sent, the Digital Sales Room will be created. The recipient will receive an email that looks like this:

Clicking any of the links in the above email will take recipients to the Digital Sales Room, where each asset is represented as a tile:

Digital Sales Rooms allow comments between members of the room. Notifications will be sent to the seller when there is comment activity. Beginning a comment with “@user” will notify them directly. Usernames are the first part of an email address. For example, johndoe@gmail.com would be @johndoe:


Recipients of the Digital Sales Room (or the original creator of the DSR) can click the “Invite” button in the upper righthand corner of the screen to invite other members of their organization. Those members can then see any comments: 

All members of a Digital Sales Room can access the content. Clicking on any asset will open directly in the DSR, along with functionality similar to a PDF reader. Videos will play directly in the platform.

Real-time notifications of engagement in the Digital Sales Room will be sent via email to the originator of that DSR, including a link back to the DSR. Depending on your account settings, you may be notified of a user’s server location rather than their email address:

Digital Sales Rooms can be managed in Modus. 


Best Practices:

  • Aggregate all assets in your basket before creating a Digital Sales Room (DSR).
  • One DSR per opportunity. Given that members of a DSR can see others’ comments, it is best to limit members to single companies and/or opportunities.
  • Digital Sales Rooms are best used in later stages of the sales cycle, once a relationship with a prospect has been established. They are intended to be personalized for recipients.
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