Media Manager - Localization/Localizing the App's Text, Labels, and Buttons

With the Localization feature in Media Manager, users can customize their own  language to how the labels and buttons appear within the app.  While Media Manager comes supplied with the Modus-branded lexicon, users aren’t required to use it and may change it to whatever verbiage they wish to use.  For example, account administrators can change the label for “Home” on the application’s home page to another term, such as “Browser”.  

To set the Localization, tap into the “Settings” tab and then navigate to “Localization”: 

Users will be met with a page where all of the in-app labels and messages will be displayed.  Users can use the search field at the top of the page to locate which label they want to change: 

Users will want to tap the “X” button to clear the field or tap into the field to type in the new localization that they want to add.  Remember to tap the “Save” button when done.  Users can then update their mobile application in the settings page to see the localization update or refresh their web browser application to see the changes implemented.  

Localization also supports translations for non-English languages.  To update the localized translation for the labels, choose the language from the dropdown menu at the top of the page (the default language is English): 

Users can proceed with updating the localizations per language.  Please note that Modus offers up a selection of already translated localized fields.  Any other localization not translated will need to be completed by the user. 

To download a list of all of the localizations by language, tap the “Export Localizations” button at the top of the page: 



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